WhatsApp Wednesday

What will you be investing in this Black Friday?

❓An air fryer that seems a bargain, that you will probably use once and keep in the box

❓Another pair of pyjamas, technically you don’t need another pair but they are too much of a deal not to add them to your cart

❓A giant turkey costume that you have seen online, you aren’t sure where you are going to use it, but you know you can’t leave it there at that price!

Now, let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with any of these purchases, but here is a thought for you… 

 How about a purchase this Black Friday that: 

❓Will be epic value to your subscription box business

❓Will give you access to a subscription box coach to answer those burning questions you have about your business on a one to one basis

❓Will give you clarity as you move into 2024

❓Won’t be another delivery coming to your door that you’ll have to hide from your partner/ Mum/ Dad/ Children/ Dog

❓Will save you a ton of money compared to the general price of working with me one to one 

Well… I have some news for you!

You can purchase EXACTLY this!

Introducing WhatsApp Wednesday (or Monday… or Friday)

As a subscription box coach, I know whatever stage you are at in your subscription box business that you need help and guidance, you will have burning questions and you sometimes just want someone to inspire you to keep going

You may be in the early stages of developing an idea for a box and have all these questions milling around in your head that you just want to run past someone who has been there, done that and has worn that t-shirt. 

You may be at the pre launch stage and are getting overwhelmed at the thought of what you need to do, you want guidance on what you should be focusing on and when.

You may have a handful of subscribers and are looking to double, treble or quadruple that in 2024 and want to help planning how to get there, from someone who has been there. 

You may have a website which you don’t feel is converting subscribers and you want an opinion from someone who has spent 3 years tinkering with their website to get it converting new subscribers every day.

You may have ALL these ideas for offers to run in 2024 and want help in deciding which ones to go with.

You may have a subscription box business that has lots of subscribers but you are looking to scale it even further in 2024 and want to look at your strategy going forward for increasing lifetime value.

If this sounds like you then you need WhatsApp Wednesday!

Why should you book WhatsApp Wednesday with me? 

Well, I know a few things about running subscription box businesses…..

I’m Lauren and I started two subscription box businesses in September 2020 and grew them to 1000 subscribers within 12 months of launching and quickly built 2 multi 6 figure businesses. I did this by following the same process I’m going to teach on you on my course. 

I am what can only be described as a serial entrepreneur and run 5 businesses (and have built and sold many others), although as should be clear by now, I have a particular interest in subscriptions.

I believe that the subscription box industry is booming right now and I want to help you to make your box a success

Did you know that a one to one session for one hour is £497? 

And for that you get to spend 60 minutes with me.

Now, I could have been predictable and discounted my one to one prices for Black Friday, but where is the fun in that?

And, I want to give you much more than 60 minutes of my time!

So, how about I give you a Wednesday of my time, between 9:30 am and 5 pm GMT for just £97? 

Yes, you read right, just £97!

That’s a colossal saving of over £400 and you are getting me via WhatsApp for so much more than one hour!

Me plus you on Whatsapp on a forthcoming Wednesday in the future could be a date!

And a cheap date at that!

Imagine what you could achieve for your subscription box business if you booked a WhatsApp Wednesday with me? 

✔️ No more googling or scouring Facebook groups for the answers to your burning questions 

✔️ Get those questions that are taking up space in your head out of it and get them answered by someone who has been there with a wealth of knowledge to share, so you can stop procrastinating and move forward

✔ You could gain clarity and confidence going into 2024 with your subscription box business so you are ready to take action in the new year.

✔️ You could be entering the pre launch stage confident and ready to go because together we can take that overwhelm away 

✔️ You could have subscribers to your box because it’s no longer an idea and you know what you need to take action on to get them 

✔️ You could have your 2024 offers nailed down so you can go all in planning them

WhatsApp Wednesday will only be around for this Black Friday so if you want access to me on a Wednesday and you want to save over £400 then you need to snap this up

On Wednesdays you could Whatsapp with me*

*when you book you are booking for one Wednesday for £97

This Black Friday will you be purchasing an air fryer or will you be purchasing WhatsApp Wednesday?