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The only course needed to kick start a Subscription Box business

Tick All The Boxes - Affiliate

Tick All The Boxes - Affiliate

The only course needed to kick start a Subscription Box business

Are you looking to take part in an affiliate scheme that literally Ticks All The Boxes in 2023?

In this digital world, that feeling of receiving something real, something we can hold and unwrap never loses its excitement.

The subscription box industry is


Well, I may have something very interesting for you…..

In the Summer of 2023 I will be launching the next round of my very successful Tick All The Boxes course and I want to invite you to become part of this launch.


Tick All The Boxes is my signature course and runs over 12 weeks and helps business owners by giving them all of the support, tools and knowledge that they need to launch a subscription box by Christmas.

Well, here’s a thought. If you love the thought of a box of the things you love arriving on your doorstep every month, then I can guarantee there will be thousands of other people around the world thinking exactly the same thing!

So why don’t you do it?
Why not create that subscription box that you’ve always wanted to receive?

I’m Lauren and I started two subscription box businesses in September 2020 and grew them to 1000 subscribers within 12 months of launching and quickly built 2 multi 6 figure businesses. I did this by following the same process I’m going to teach in my course. 

I am what can only be described as a serial entrepreneur and run 7 businesses, although as should be clear by now, I have a particular interest in subscriptions. I live in Surrey, England with my naked sphynx cat Fluffy.

Seems like a good idea right?

I would love to invite you to become an affiliate for Tick All The Boxes in 2023 and join me for a fun few weeks where your audience can start to learn about the subscription box process and you could be in with the chance of winning some epic prizes whilst earning passive income for each person that signs up to the course via you.

You will receive


 All the affiliate swipe copy that you need to promote to your audience via social media and mailing list


Support and accountability from my team in a private Facebook group


The chance to network with other like minded business owners


The chance to make some extra ‘pocket money’ via affiliate payments


 The chance to win some phenomenal prizes for taking part


The course is just £997
or 6 monthly payments of £211.50
or 12 monthly payments of £105.75
and will equip them with everything  needed to launch and grow their subscription box whether that’s before Christmas or in the New Year!

They can turn that hobby that they are passionate about into a successful business

IMPORTant dates

22/05/2023 – Training Session

05/06/2023 – Open Challenge Sign Up

19/06/2023 – Challenge Week

26/06/2023 – Open Cart

03/07/2023 – Close Cart

Your Commission

Pay in Full – £450

Payment plans 6 months 35% – £74.20 per month

Payment plans  12 months 35% – £37.01 per month

Why is now the perfect time for people to be looking at launching a subscription box business?


The subscription box industry is growing at an incredible speed as every interest, every passion, every imaginable niche is being boxed up and sent out to millions of happy customers who want to relive that feeling of Christmas Day as a kid!


It’s a fun way to turn something that they are passionate about into a recurring revenue stream to add to any business


They don’t need a cash injection behind to start a subscription box, they can do it on a low budget


They can turn that hobby that you are passionate about into a successful business

(Keep this on the downlow, but it’s really good fun!)

Previous Affiliates

Being an affiliate for Tick All The Boxes has brought in some recurring revenue for my business, helped my clients to create a new revenue stream AND I won prizes which I’m still benefiting from nearly a year later.
What more can you ask for? Get involved!

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