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Q : Who doesn’t love getting a present through the post?

 A : No one!

In this digital world, that feeling of receiving something real, something we can hold and unwrap never loses its excitement.

The subscription box industry is


at an incredible speed as every interest, every passion, every imaginable niche is being boxed up and sent out to millions of happy customers who want to relive that feeling of Christmas Day as a kid!

How many times have you thought...

  • “Oh, I’d love it if I could get (insert very specific and personal to you items/products that you can’t get enough of) delivered to me every month.”
  • “Then I wouldn’t have to think about shopping for it.”
  • “Plus It would be a brilliant surprise.”
  • “And I’d get to try different things that I’d not heard of before.”
  • “Best of all, someone else has to do all the searching and finding and packaging while I just get the fun bit!”

Well, here’s a thought. If you love the thought of a box of the things you love arriving on your doorstep every month, then I can guarantee there will be thousands of other people around the world thinking exactly the same thing!

So why don’t you do it?
Why not create that subscription box that you’ve always wanted to receive?

There are countless business models out there but rarely do they balance the sustainability of a recurring revenue stream with the timeless appeal of a physical product.

  • This model works perfectly as a side line to your existing business.
  • Or as a start up venture to create some consistent income.
  • Or are you could use a subscription box as a funnel to build your audience of ideal customers
  • Or maybe you have already grown an audience, but your industry has struggled over the past couple of years.
  • Or do you have a hobby that you’d love to share with others while making money by turning it into a subscription box?

Seems like a good idea right?

But where do you start?

Let’s say you’ve unearthed your genius idea but have no idea how to actually make it into a real thing.

Honestly, there is no secret skill, no shady secrets that you’re forbidden from knowing, no intimidating specialist clique keeping the subscription box world for themselves!

To be honest it’s pretty simple, but in basic terms, here’s how it works.


Think of something people want.
(Seriously, think bigger picture here – I’ll touch on this later.)


Make yourself known to the people who want those things.


Buy those things
(shopping for a living – erm, yes please!)


Box these things so they look amazing
(styling things for a living – erm, yes please!)


Send these things out sit back contentedly as you picture the smiling faces of your lovely clients doing a little happy dance when the delivery arrives!

(Keep this on the downlow, but it’s really good fun!)

Going shopping for cool stuff that you know your clients will absolutely love and pay you for ticks a whole host of “satisfaction at work” boxes.

(And yes, there is a but. Sorry to drop this just as you were happily planning your shopping spree!)

Like any sustainable and profitable income stream, it needs to be done properly.

There will be planning, strategising, publicising, organising, learning and researching to do before you can fill your boxes and send them on their merry way.

  • So where do you start?
  • How do you launch to make sure your perfect clients get to hear all about what you are doing?
  • What order do things happen in?
  • What are the pitfalls?
  • How do you make it profitable when you’ve got to buy the products to go inside?
  • How do you even make sure you have people to sell to?

Well, the good thing is, I know the answers to all of these questions and more, and that is precisely why I created Tick all the Boxes to show you that your subscription box business can be consistently profitable, as long as you follow some very simple and clearly defined steps.

About Me

I’m Lauren and I started two subscription box businesses in September 2020 and grew them to 1000 subscribers within 12 months of launching and quickly built 2 multi 6 figure businesses. I did this by following the same process I’m going to teach on you on my course. 

I am what can only be described as a serial entrepreneur and run 5 businesses (and have built and sold many others), although as should be clear by now, I have a particular interest in subscriptions. I live in Surrey, England and recently had a baby boy named Tavi.

The Process

The course is broken down into six modules and using my GROW Method we’ll be covering the every element of the process you’ll need to know. 

Validating your concept and nailing your ideal client

To get cracking we’ll narrow down your idea, making sure it’s super relevant to your ideal client so that they’re begging to subscribe and conduct market research to make sure your box is hitting the nail on the head.

Logistics, tech, where to start, product sourcing and pricing

In this module we’ll delve into exactly how to make it all happen, covering everything from what recurring payment processor is best to sharing my top-secret list of wholesalers. (Plus making sure we get rid of any “technophobe” issues that often hold us back!) And Making sure all your numbers add up so your box is profitable from day 1. (Plus making sure we get rid of any “technophobe” issues that often hold us back! )

Prelaunch- visibility, spreading the word and growing your audience.

This is so important, yet often overlooked. The work you put in before launching is even more important than your actual launch strategy because without this planning you will not be in pole position when your launch date comes around. I’ll make sure your pre-launch is successful meaning you’ve grown an audience of ideal subscribers.

Launching - using your pre-launch period to really harness a successful launch

Using the pre-launch learnings from module 3, we’ll delve into how best to launch your box to ensure that you have maximum reach and maximum subscribers! We’ll also discuss how to ensure that your first shipment of boxes is a massive success with happy dances everywhere! We'll work on your strategy for omnipresence so that your box is seen everywhere that your ideal client is.

Reducing Churn

How to keep your subscribers happy so that they stay subscribed for years to come

Growth and Increasing Lifetime Value

How to continue to grow to hit your long-term goals and how to increase lifetime value of your existing subscribers

Tick All The Boxes

Tick all the Boxes 

The course is just £99

Now let's deal with the worries

At this point, while you’re thinking of exactly what you could put in your boxes, you are probably thinking :


“Is it too niche?”


“Is anyone apart from me remotely interested in (insert epic idea you’ve had here)?”


“Surely the market is already saturated?”

Without having any idea what you are thinking of, I can confidently say that the answers to the above questions are: 

No, Yes and No!

In the UK, we have not even scratched the surface of the possibilities for subscription boxes compared to the USA, where the market is still booming! Every day a new, highly successful box is launched, covering everything from tinned fish boxes to balloon modelling boxes to boxes full of bones (yes really) – the potential truly is limitless.

In fact, the only limit is your imagination!

So join me in Tick all the Boxes and start creating a recurring revenue stream that’s fun and enjoyable as well as profitable.

"I was recommended Lauren’s Facebook challenge in autumn last year and knowing nothing about running a subscription box at all, I thought I’d give it a go. I soon realised that my love of illustrating and making colouring resources could be put to good use and was hugely inspired to start a subscription box business. I signed up for Tick All The Boxes in autumn 2021 and have not regretted it once !

The course is perfect for anyone wanting to start or already working on setting up a subscription business. The amount I learnt in a few short months, the inspiration and the knowledge that I was presented with were just brilliant. Any questions we had were answered, ideas were supported and nurtured and practical suggestions were given.

I now feel confident in how the business structure works, how to approach all angles of it and that my idea will work. Whether it’s suppliers, websites, law, social media, audience building or pricing, etc there is a module to suit. Time was given to all individually if needed and the support group has been great. The videos of the training are available indefinitely which is fantastic as we can refresh our memories as required. During the course there were so many added bonuses included and we still have more to come !

I know this is a growing business model and I can see so many people with super ideas and I fully recommend Tick All The Boxes and Lauren 100%."
Lisa Smythers
Kids’ Colouring Adventure Box
"I decided to work with Lauren to launch my subscription box business, The End of the World Reading Club, as I had a very tight launch window and I wanted some expert help and accountability. Lauren was able to very quickly get to grips with my target market and not only give me the practical steps I needed to take, but also help me develop the concept with some fantastic ideas of her own. Her enthusiasm for my idea was a great boost to my confidence and our regular check-ins and words of encouragement kept me on track to launch my box in just 6 weeks. I went to Lauren with nothing but a very niche idea and after six weeks I had a fully functioning subscription box business with actual paying clients who love what I do. Just as importantly, I came away from our sessions with a clear plan of what I need to do to continue to grow my subscriber numbers. Lauren is a gem, I can't recommend her enough if you're looking for help breaking into a really exciting new market for the UK."
Julie Gibson
"I’m Claire and with Lauren’s help and support, I launched my Time to Cook Busy Box in August. It’s a baking and craft subscription box and I came up with the idea during Lauren’s last Challenge. The course was a big investment for me but I am so glad I signed up! It literally takes you through the whole process of creating a subscription box and walks you through it step-by-step. There were things in the course that I never would have considered and Lauren often shared her experiences saving us all money and time! The support we received alongside the class was amazing. Lauren was so helpful and knowledgeable and no query was too small. This was invaluable as I was trying to do the process myself alongside the course. Having q&a sessions in between was great for keeping us accountable and for stopping us from getting stuck! I’m so proud of how much I’ve achieved in a short space of time. I’m so glad I signed up to the course and I’m sure you will be too!"
Claire Louise
Time To Cook Busy Box
"Wow if you haven’t gone on Tick all the Boxes as yet you truly need to get yourself on there. Lauren’s knowledge and experience in subscription boxes is second to none, Lauren has mentored, supported and believed in me that I too can open my own subscription business. I’m so thankful that I came across the course as I’ve always wanted to do this but didn’t really know how to go about it. With Lauren’s guidance I followed every Module and succeeded and ‘Be a Glamour Boss Box’ was born.. I truly couldn’t have done it without her. She has supported me no end and has been my biggest cheerleader as well as a friend. If you have an idea for a subscription box then go for it! Go on the course, do every single Module and attend all the training and you too will smash it! "
Janine Evans
Be A Glamour Boss Box

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