Subbly Scared to Subbly Superstar

👀 👀 I see you ….. 👀 👀

You have an amazing idea for a subscription box but you are stalling unveiling it to the world…

Not because you don’t think it will work,or because you aren’t afraid of a little hard work to get it out there.. 

You are stalling because you know that you will need some form of tech platform to help you launch and grow your box, and when it comes to tech normally you avoid it at all costs. 

Let’s be honest, you would probably prefer to go through a wisdom tooth extraction or unblock the kitchen sink then embrace a tech platform for your subscription box business, and I can totally relate because this was me!

I knew that embracing tech was necessary to help me grow and scale my subscription box business, my chosen platform is Subbly, and I want to help you embrace it too!

It’s time for you to go from Subbly Scared to Subbly Superstar!

You are currently reading this thinking some or if not all of the following:

😕 There’s so many platforms out there, how do I choose?

😕 I couldn’t even do a simple task like add a product, that’s how tech phobic I am 

😕 I wouldn’t understand how to look at my subscribers records 

😕 I can’t grasp how one platform can help my box grow or how to make it a more passive business

😕 It’s just going to give me a load of data that will just go over my head 

😕 It’s going to have all these features and buttons everywhere that will confuse me 

😕 If I need to make changes to any offers, I won’t have a clue how to do that!

😕 There’s more chance of me winning the lottery than being able to connect my domain name up to anything

And you aren’t alone in thinking this, because I have helped hundreds of people with their subscription box businesses, and tech platforms are a barrier for a lot of people, but once they know what a platform like Subbly can bring to their business and help them, they are open to utilising it to help streamline their subscription box!

Now, you could probably run a business without a platform like Subbly, but for a business that brings you in recurring revenue, you would be spending so much time doing unnecessary tasks, it would kind of defeat the object of having recurring revenue in the first place. 

😕 You could be wasting so much time each month checking payments had gone through

😕 You could have to manage your subscriptions off several spreadsheets, and as your business grows, this will become more time consuming and a headache for you

😕 When it comes to managing churn, you could potentially be well off on the numbers trying to figure this out manually 

😕 You could get in a right muddle with billing and shipment dates 

😕 Setting up commitment periods could be problematic for you without Subbly to assist you. 

😕 You could be spending more time in your business than you ACTUALLY need to!

For my subscription box businesses, Subbly really does tick all the boxes!

It covers the billing of my boxes, it enables me to have billing and shipment dates that work for me, it allows me to set commitment periods to help stop churn, and so much more 

I wouldn’t use another platform for my subscription boxes.

So if you are a bit Subbly Scared then I have something that can help, I have been working behind the scenes with my tech whizz Alex to produce a Subbly mini course for you, to show you exactly how Subbly can help with your box, whilst allowing you to get to grips with all of those important features. 

In the mini course, you will receive bite sized modules which you can watch at your leisure to help you make the most out of Subbly and get your Subbly website and/or checkout set up and working behind the scenes for you.

The Modules

Here is a breakdown of what is included:

Module 1 – Why Subbly?

With all the different options out there, find out my Subbly can tick all the boxes for you too!

Module 2. Subbly Settings

hat is a funnel? And how do you use one effectively? Where to put it? How to maximise its success.

Module 3. Adding a Product

Find out how to start adding your products so that your customers can start to buy from you.

Module 4. Understanding Customer Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the dashboard with confidence and ease so you know exactly who’s due a box and when.

Module 5. Growth Tools

Subbly has tools for growth, find out how they could potentially maximise your profits, helping you make more money while doing less!

Module 6. Zapier connections

Learn how to use Subbly with Zapier to create Zaps to help save your time and automate as many tasks as possible.

Module 7. Web Dashboard

Get to grips with this dashboard so that utilising Subbly becomes an everyday part of your business and make the most of all the features it has to offer.

Module 8. Web Features

Help understand how these features can help you in your subscription box business

Module 9. Editing Pages

Need to update a page? No problem, this module shows you how to!

Module 10. Module 10. Domain

Got a domain you need to link? No problem, we’ll show you how!

Are you ready to go from Subbly Scared to Subbly Superstar?

You could: 

😊 Become more confident in Subbly as you grow your business

😊 Become a whizz at adding products so when you have new offerings you can get them in front of your customers quickly and easily

😊 Find your subscribers details with ease, meaning you are able to answer queries efficiently

😊 Grow your subscription business because you are more confident in the tools that Subbly has to help you, increase your cash flow without having to do more work. 

😊 Become more confident in your business because you can understand the data that you need to grow

😊 Have the confidence to link your Subbly to your domain name,streamlining the process for you and your customers

Are you ready to embrace Subbly?