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Have you got a goal to launch a subscription box in 2023? 


 Have you got a subscription box already and would love to grow it in 2023? 

 You are probably reading this and thinking “Lauren, we haven’t even had Christmas yet, and you want me to think about 2023!” 

Yes, I do! 

 Let’s be honest, 2022 has been an odd year, hasn’t it?  

I would like to invite you to my 2023 Subscription Box Planning Session! Let’s set some goals and get your strategy to smash 2023 down on paper and get an actionable plan in place to hit your targets in 2023!
The session will take place at 8pm GMT on Wednesday the 23rd of November, sign up here to reserve your spot. 

I am determined to:  

 ✔️  give you all the tools that you need to smash your 2023 goals  

✔️ help you take action to achieve those goals  

✔️ help you develop a strategy so you can go into 2023 ready to get sh*t done  

 I’ll be hosting my free 2023 Subscription Box Strategy Planning Session to get your 2023 plan of action down on paper and ready to rock and roll! 

 It is going to be happening Wednesday 23rd November at 8pm GMT via Zoom.  

It won’t be your box standard yawny, death by PowerPoint type presentation, I will be delivering a fun and practical workshop, where we will be working on your goals for 2023 and putting that all important plan in place to smash them. 

 It’s suitable for everyone, whether you are starting out with your box, or you already have a subscription box business.  

 Spaces will be limited due to Zoom capacity so make sure that you book yours asap! 

This workshop is for you if: 

 ✔️ You want to make 2023 your year for your subscription box business 

 ✔️ You are looking to launch your subscription box in 2023 

 ✔️ You are ready to take action  

 ✔️ You want to end this year feeling prepped and ready for 2023  

 ✔️ You want to start 2023 feeling inspired and have actionable goals in place for the year ahead 

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