Socials Media Changes the Game

When it comes to planning your social media content for your subscription box, do you find yourself staring at a blank screen or piece of paper?

What can you do with 28 prompts?


if you post to your socials daily seven days per week that’s 28 posts

If you post 4 times per week to your socials that’s 7 weeks worth of posts 

If you post twice per week to your socials that’s 14 weeks worth of posts


If you email your mailing list weekly that’s 28 weeks worth of emails!

The prompts will help you to build excitement around your box and also build that important know like and trust factor


Saving yourself time in your working week because you no longer have to think about what to post for hours 

Being able to schedule content in advance so that you have time to focus on other areas of your business.

Not having to think about what to say in a social media because you have a prompt to give you ideas right in front of you

Finding trending audio and being able to make a Reel with it straight away because you have an idea to go with that audio because of your prompts 

The time this would save you in your subscription box business 

These social media prompts are only £9 and provide you with so many possibilities for social media content 

That is just over 32p per prompt!

What else can you buy for your business for 32p that will help your social media presence?