Six Step Pre-Launch Plan

When it comes to prepping for the pre launch of your subscription box, do you feel…

✔️ Overwhelmed because there is SOOOOOO much to do and not enough hours in the day/week/year?

✔️ Deflated as there is no way that you will be able to do it all?

✔️ Confused as to what to do when?

✔️Worried that no one will relate to you or your box? 

✔️ Concerned that you won’t be able to build excitement for your subscription box ?


There is no need for you to be feeling any of these!

I have run multiple subscription businesses and I want to help you not to feel overwhelmed, deflated or confused, I want you to feel prepped and ready to take action for your pre launch

I have created a Six Step Pre Launch Plan to help you feel ready to launch, whilst feeling empowered that you can do this! 

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