Are you working towards a goal of growing your existing subscription box to new heights in 2023? 


Are you looking to start, grow and scale a new subscription box in the near future?


Now, you are probably reading this thinking “what is the point in starting a subscription box. As there already someone doing this in my niche?” 

“Why would someone work with a small business like me, over the big brands?”

“I don’t feel like I am an expert to be able to set up a subscription box”

You don’t see the point in planning to get recurring revenue through a subscription box because you can’t see it happening, it hasn’t happened for you so far, so why should 2023 be any different? 

Well, it is going to be different, there is a way for you to get the expertise, support, community and accountability you need to make this happen! 

All for only £35 per month (or £350 for the year)

Do you have an existing subscription box you have previously launched, which isn’t earning the revenue that you want it to? 

 Do you have an idea for a subscription box that will be a game changer for your audience but you don’t know how to get it out there? 

 Do you have regular visits from imposter syndrome telling you that you simply can’t do this? 

 You have tried to build an audience but you feel like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall? 

 You have sent your box to influencers but you have had no response back and no sales off the back of it? 

 Your to – do list is growing because you don’t have the time to get around to doing things to launch your box  

 You are getting overwhelmed by pricing, profit, wholesalers, discounts and churn 

 You know you have to learn the tech, sort terms and conditions and get your box out into the world, but you don’t know how  

 You just don’t think you can do this…

I am here to tell you that you CAN do this and I am here to support you with my knowledge, guidance, support and expertise. I want your subscription box to be a roaring success!  

The Revenue on Replay membership is brought to you by Lauren Prentice; a subscription box and membership expert. During lockdown in 2020 Lauren launched two subscription box businesses and grew them to 1000 subscribers in less than 12 months. Lauren is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others to have the same success that she has. She has helped countless subscription box entrepreneurs start and grow their boxes using the same techniques and strategies she’ll be sharing in this membership!

What if I told you there is a way for you to:  

  •  Receive training from experts in their field to give you the knowledge and confidence so you can rocket fuel your subscription box business? We’ll have experts covering things like the legals you need to protect your business, how to smash social media, how to craft the best copy for your website and so much more!   
  • Have Q and A sessions with me so you can receive answers to those burning questions that may be holding you back? Together we can get your box flourishing!  
  • Receive insider knowledge about what is happening in the industry so you can be ahead of the game and have that edge above your competitors.  
  • Find out how I am growing my boxes so you can implement some of those things into your own business? 
  • Attend implementation sessions so you can actually get done what you need to for your business? 
  • Be held accountable so you can smash those goals? 

And that’s where my membership Revenue on Replay comes in.  

 I’ve pulled in my best guest speakers, put together the best trainings, accountability and tools possible to guarantee you success.   

Past trainings that you will have instant access to include: Email Copy that Sells by Chantelle Davison, Canva Printable with Helen Greenwood, Get Reels Results with Ana Bonasera, Mindset and  Imposter Syndrome with Kirsty Knight and many more 

With future trainings over the next few months including: Get Legal with Jo Fisher, How to Get Leads with Charlie Day, Brand Photography with Amanda Hutchinson and more will be revealed once you join  

 This is the one membership you’ll need for subscription box success!  

All for only £35 per month (or £350 for the year)

Here is some food for thought when it comes to running a successful subscription box business: 

  • You’ve got a solid goal for 2023 and you know that to smash it you need PR, content creation, copywriting and email marketing which all form part of your subscription box strategy. We’ve got experts scheduled in to cover everything you need to rocket fuel your success!  
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question, and by asking it in a community full of other like-minded business owners you are also helping them to move forward 
  • Being held accountable helps you to get stuff done  

 And, you get all of this and so much more in my membership! 

All for only £35 per month (or £350 for the year)

Let me tell you EXACTLY what you will get! 

  • Twice monthly trainings from guest experts to give you the very best skills and knowledge to make your subscription box business stratospherically successful.
  • Monthly Q and A or hotseat with me, where I’ll be on hand to answer all your questions, no matter how big or small. 
  • Weekly coffee morning catch ups to give you the insider knowledge on what’s going on in the industry, what we’re currently doing to grow our subscription boxes and what things to look out for to guarantee your own success! This’ll be a no holds barred chat, I’ll tell you our trials, tribulations and successes! 
  • Implementation sessions to ensure you have the right working environment to work on your box while being in the company of other awesome subscription box entrepreneurs
  • Accountability to help you smash your goals!
  • Clinics to help you work out your ideal client’s pain points and how your box solves them
  • You will receive all of this support and more with my Revenue on Replay membership and the amazing community of  over 100 business owners!

Plus, you’ll also have access to:  

  • My Little Black Book of Wholesale Suppliers containing over 700 different suppliers (Usually £147)
  • Pricing and Profitability Calculator so that you can take control of your pricing and profit
  • Social Media Prompts

 The value of this is priceless to a new or existing subscription box business 

Imagine how amazing your subscription box would be if: 

  •  You knew your ideal client pain points and knew how to market your box in a way that solves them and sells boxes!  
  • You were in control of your profit and pricing and your box is making you money month on month 
  • You were implementing things that you need to in your business to progress 
  • You were surrounded by a community of like-minded businesses, who want to see you succeed 
  • You are learning from experts in their field about the topics that you need for success.  


Yes, we want you to get the most out of your Revenue on Replay membership but if it’s not working for you, you can cancel at any time. 
All trainings will be recorded and added to your private members area to be watched back at any time. 
Yes, we’ll have an active Facebook community where you can ask questions, seek advice and be held accountable. You’ll have a whole army of other sub box owners who have all ‘got your back!’ 
Yes! In fact, if you pay for a year up front, it’ll only cost you £250, meaning two months free and a saving of £50!

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