Lift My Launch Masterclass!

Do you want an exclusive look at what subscription box I am launching next?

Do you want to see EXACTLY what goes into my launch strategy for a subscription box?

Do you want to find out what goes into my pre launch and my launch?

Thursday 25th of May at 8pm GMT 
You will often hear me telling you what you need to do and implement in order to grow and scale a successful subscription box business, but I bet you think “does Lauren actually do this in her own subscription box launches?”

The answer is yes I do!

And you know I have multiple subscription box businesses and I am just about to start another. 

It’s going to be a subscription box for theatre lovers. 

I have already grown a substantial mailing list for my theatre business and a Facebook group of over 38,000. I have an engaged audience and it’s time to offer them a subscription box and I think it is going to be very popular. 

When it comes to launching your subscription box I know that many of you can feel overwhelmed and put it off, so I had an idea, what if I share what I am doing behind the scenes of when I launch a subscription box? 

You will be able to see EXACTLY what goes into my launches behind the scenes so that you can see that it isn’t overwhelming and I practise what I preach. 

On Thursday 25th May at 8PM  I am going to run a workshop called Lift My Launch and if you are planning on launching your subscription box this year you are going to want to join me

Lauren Prentice is a serial entrepreneur and
subscription box coach. She is the owner of various subscription boxes including The Business Box, which she launched in lockdown in 2020 and quickly grew to
1000 subscribers within 12 months. Lauren is
passionate about helping others launch, grow and scale their subscription boxes and helping them to add recurring revenue into their lives and businesses.

The Lift My Launch Workshop is for you if:

✔️you are launching this year and want to see a launch strategy in action

✔️launching overwhelms you and you want to take that overwhelm away

✔️you want to see what goes on behind the scenes at one of my launches 

✔️want to see some of my top tips for launching a subscription box

If you can’t attend live don’t worry as you will be sent a replay to watch whenever you like.

If you attend live you will also receive a replay to watch back and this will be perfect to prepare you for your next launch

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