The Business Box

Are you a female business owner who deserves a treat? We’ve got you covered! The Business Box is a monthly delivery of goodies to help you to grow your business and look after yourself.

For the first 100 subscribers we are offering a founding member offer, giving you the opportunity to lock in the bargain price of just £30 per month for life! That’s less than £1 a day for a box which will rocket fuel your business and give you a monthly treat! 

What's Included...

Each box contains four to six different items including:

A Self Development Book:
Focused around our theme of the month to enjoy and discuss your biggest takeaways in our monthly book group.

Stationery and Office Items:
Helping you to beautify your desk, increase your productivity and kick your business towards success

A little Self Care So you can look after yourself and relax while thinking of your next big business idea

Online Training:
Each box contains an invitation to an online training or course, delivered by top business coaches who are experts in their fields.

An Online Community:
You’ll get access to our online community of subscribers to The Business Box, for networking, accountability and a dose of ‘we’ve got your back’.

What's Happens Next...


You order your Business Box at the special founding members price of just £30 per month


You count down the days until it’s arrival and join our exclusive online community to start to get to know everyone


Your Business Box arrives, you do a happy dance!


You use the training and the items in the box to help propel your business!

Do you find being the owner of your business lonely sometimes?

Do you wish you had a treat for working so hard?

Do you want to grow your business to enable you to live your dreams?

The Business Box is curated especially for you, you’ll receive a monthly box of between 4-6 items curated by a female entrepreneur like you, plus access to an online training or course and an online community for you to bounce ideas around, network and stay accountable.

The Business Box is for you, a monthly treat landing on your doorstep once a month to deliver you all the tools you need to thrive in business and to look after yourself. You’ll be so excited to receive your Business Box each month you’ll be chasing the postman down the road!

Our guarantee to you; don’t love it, we’ll make it right!

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