Influencer Secret Sauce

Is your business feeling a bit stale and bland?

Are you looking to spice it up a bit going into 2024?

Are you considering adding influencers into the mix for the next 12 months?


Well, you need some Influencer Secret Sauce!

Adding a tablespoon of influencers into your business can have potentially epic results, so why wouldn’t you want some?

Lauren Prentice in front of lots of business boxes

I see you 👀

✔️ You have a business which is happily ticking over, but you want more. You want more eyes on you and what you do, you want it being shared with bigger audiences and you are looking for help to do this 

✔️ You have seen other businesses work with influencers and get results, so you want to try it for yourself 

✔️ Working with influencers is on your to-do list, but you don’t know where to start and are feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all.

✔️ It all seems so complicated that you have given up looking at influencers  before you have even started


✔️ You have an epic idea for a new business, you know that using influencers could potentially sky rocket it and you are ready to take action

✔️ As an owner of multiple businesses myself, I get this because I have been there myself, I’ve wanted the exposure to other people’s audiences but just haven’t known how to arrange this 

✔️ You have heard all about influencers and you know that they can help your business but you aren’t fully aware of who exactly they are and how to work with them

✔️ There are so many social media platforms out there now that you aren’t even sure where to find them

✔️ You don’t know if you need to pay them or not, and if there are potential tax implications, you want to do things the right way

✔️ You have seen micro influencers and macro influencers, which one do you need for your business? And what even are macro and micro influencers???

✔️ You aren’t exactly sure what you want from them 

✔️ You worry that you may not be able to manage their expectations 

✔️ You get the dread from the legal side of working with influencers, do you really need a formal contract in place?

✔️ You aren’t really sure how to approach an influencer and are worried that you may look spammy

✔️ You aren’t sure about affiliate links or discount codes, how do they work?

You aren’t alone, many business owners have the same thoughts about working with influencers, and as a result put off looking into working with them, but here is a thought for you – could you be leaving money on the table by not working with them?

Let’s have a look at how working with an influencer could potentially help your business to grow:

📷 Influencers tend to have large followings on their social media platforms. If you work with an influencer that has an audience full of your ideal client and they promote you to their audience then it could potentially lead to more business for you. It’s eyes on your business, plus you can piggyback on their good name!

📱 They are consistently creating content for their platforms to share products, not only will you have awesome content to use, it’ll also be shared with their audience

📷 Working with an influencer can give you exposure, which can potentially attract new clients and customers, whilst increasing your sales and brand awareness, who wouldn’t want that for their business?

📱 If an influencer has an audience full of your ideal clients then imagine the results it could bring in for you?

As you can see, working with influencers could have a great impact on your business, so is it time to consider it?

You might be reading this thinking “but what does she really know about this?”

Here’s a bit more about me

I’m Lauren and I started two subscription box businesses in September 2020 and grew them to 1000 subscribers within 12 months of launching and quickly built 2 multi 6 figure businesses. I did this by following the same process I’m going to teach on you on my course. 

I am what can only be described as a serial entrepreneur and run 5 businesses (and have built and sold many others), although as should be clear by now, I have a particular interest in subscriptions.

I have worked with influencers across all of my businesses and I have taken my knowledge and experience together and put it into Influencer Secret Sauce for you. There’s no need to scour the internet for answers because it’s all bottled up in this course for you

Now, I now you will want all the tea on what you get in the course so I have listed all the modules below just for you

Module 1 – Who are influencers?
Module 2 – Where to find influencers
Module 3 – Should I pay them? (Including tax implications)
Module 4 – Micro Influencers vs Macro Influencers 
Module 5 – What do you want from them and what to expect (including managing expectations)
Module 6 – Contracts – do you need them?
Module 7 – How to approach influencers (including how to nurture them)
Module 8 –  How to capitalise on influencer campaigns (including affiliate links and discounts)


✔️ They are bite size modules so you can study at your own pace, whenever you choose!

✔️ You will receive instant access so you can take action on working with influencers right away

✔️ You will receive lifetime access so you can dip in and out whenever you want to and go back for a refresher at a later date 

Influencer Secret Sauce will help you to; 

✔️ Understand who influencers are so you have a greater understanding of how they can help your subscription box business 

✔️ Give you direction on where to find them so you aren’t scouring social media or falling down any rabbit holes 

✔️ Understand all about payment and tax implications, stripping away that overwhelm 

✔️ Understand the difference between micro and macro influencers so you know who you need to help your business grow

✔️ Understand what you both want and need from the working relationship so everything is clear and understood from the get go

✔️ Become familiar with what you need from a legal perspective so you don’t have to let this stop you moving forward with influencers  

✔️ Feel confident approaching influencers so you can start making connections that could skyrocket your business

✔️Understand what you need to capitalise on influencer campaigns so you are getting the best results from these working relationships

All of this for £149

Grab your spoon and saucepan, it’s time to drizzle Influencer Secret Sauce on your business!