So you want to start a subscription box?

But you don’t know where to begin

You have this amazing idea in your head, but you are stalling because the thought of it all seems overwhelming and a bit of a headache!

You have spent hours on a search engine trying to make sense of it all, but have fallen down an information overload rabbit hole!

🛑 🛑 STOP!! 🛑 🛑

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, you simply need to know the basics!

And my Subscription Box Basics course is here to save the day!

Does this sound familiar?

✔️ You are trawling search engines and Facebook groups to find the answers to your questions, but you aren’t moving forward, in fact you feel like you never will 

✔️ You are hearing everyone tell you how having a brand is important, but you aren’t exactly sure what it involves 

✔️ You know you have to have an audience to sell to, however you don’t know where to start

✔️ Subscription boxes need products, which you need to get from suppliers, but the whole process seems daunting to you

✔️ You aren’t sure if you want to send a box monthly or quarterly and are finding yourself overthinking this 

✔️ You know like any other business there will be expenses, and you aren’t sure how to manage that

✔️ You want EVERYONE to buy your box 

✔️ You are baffled by the whole launching process

✔️ You aren’t sure how to set up your boxes

✔️ You don’t even know when is the best time to ship the boxes to subscribers when you get them 

✔️ You know that you can’t move forward with the business without knowing all of this. 

✔️ You feel stuck

✔️ You feel lost 

✔️ Your box is just going to stay a pipe dream!



My name is Lauren and I am a subscription box coach and the owner of  multiple subscription box businesses myself since 2020. The subscription box industry, in my opinion, is booming and is an industry that has always fascinated me!

I am what can only be described as a serial entrepreneur and run 5 businesses (and have built and sold many others), although as should be clear by now, I have a particular interest in subscriptions.

I have worked with hundreds of business owners who want to start, grow and scale subscription box businesses over the past few years and I know the challenges that they have faced getting their businesses going so I have created Subscription Box Basics to help people like yourself have the tools and knowledge that they need to take action. I want you to stop stalling and get that subscription box going!

You are probably thinking how will Subscription Box Basics help you to start your subscription box… well I am going to tell you!

You will receive instant access to the course as soon as you sign up, no waiting for start dates, no Zooms, you will have everything you need access to straight away!

I have broken the course down into bite size modules so you can watch them at your own leisure and re-watch them over and over again if you want to!


You will receive lifetime access to the course!


Here is a module breakdown for you 

Module 1 – Introduction 

Module 2 – Ideal Client 

Module 3 – Building an Audience

Module 4 Subscription Box Set Up

Module 5 – Managing Expenses 

Module 6 –  Frequency of Your Box 

Module 7 – Finding Suppliers 

Module 8 – Brand Identity

Module 9 – Pre Launch

Module 10 – When to Ship 

These modules will give you what you need to start you on your journey of setting up a subscription box business

Subscription Box Basics will allow you to:

✔️ Understand your ideal client so you can focus your content and messaging specifically for them and show them how your box can help them

✔️ Understand how to build an audience so you can have an audience of ideal clients who could potentially buy your box 

✔️ Understand all about the subscription box setup so you can start taking action

✔️ Understand about the expenses involved so you can start planning efficiently

✔️ Know more about box frequency so you can start thinking about potential offers 

✔️ Understand more about finding suppliers so you don’t have to spend hours at a time on search engines

✔️ Understand brand identity so you can put a subscription box out their which reflects you and your values, potentially attracting like minded customers  

✔️ Understand all about the pre launch process so you know how to get your box out there and building excitement around it

✔️ Understand when to ship your boxes to subscribers so that you are organised and prepared

Here’s something to consider…


People love the idea of a subscription box for many reasons including the convenience of knowing what they want and need will be coming to them on a regular basis. Everyone also loves receiving a surprise and happy mail through the post


In my opinion a subscription box is always a winner