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Is a subscription box on your to-do list?

The book will help you in three key areas when it comes to running a successful subscription box


You have an idea for a subscription box that you want to launch but what next? Well, it’s all about the research and proving the concept. This book will give you the information that you need to help you get off on the right foot.


In order to launch a successful subscription box you need to grow an audience full of your ideal clients and once you have that then it’s all about a successful pre-launch, You will read all about my hints and tips to help you to achieve this.


Once you have launched it doesn’t stop there. It’s about providing lifetime value to your subscribers, continually growing your audience, and reducing churn. This book will provide you with all the necessary information to grow your box and hit your goals!


This book is an all-in-one blueprint for launching, scaling, and growing your subscription box

Just pay £3.99 P&P

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Right now, we’re hearing a lot about the ‘cost of living’ and how things are going to get tough. But that doesn’t mean that subscription box sales will halt… in fact, far from it!

Post Covid, people’s buying habits have changed. They are favouriting convenience and experiences beyond all else.

SUBSCRIPTION BOXES are the winning formula, the industry is booming and customer demand has never been higher!

When everything closed with the lockdown of 2020, so did my two main businesses. I needed to pivot fast, and I needed to pivot into something that was pandemic proof!

“So You Want to Start A Subscription Box is THE book you want by your side if you’re planning or have a subscription box. It’s not a book to just read and put on the bookshelf, it’s a book to keep within reach on your desk.
There are so many great tips and it’s almost like having Lauren sitting next to you. Read once for enjoyment, with a pen by your side, then read again with highlighter and sticky tabs by your side.”

 I started to investigate subscription boxes as the whole industry fascinated me, I spoke to friends in the US, where there really is a subscription box for everything. I also saw how much traction the subscription box industry was gaining in the UK, and knew that this was the recurring revenue stream I wanted to choose for my pandemic pivot.

I set about learning and consuming everything I possibly could about subscription boxes and found that there was very little info out there. I became obsessed and really put the hours in to learn as much as I possibly could, but I made mistakes along the way and mistakes cost money!

But I learnt so much from those mistakes! Within the first 12 months of launching, I managed to reach over 1000 monthly subscribers and turn both of my boxes into multi-6 figure businesses.

I now help other business owners to set up their own subscription box businesses and I have compiled all of my knowledge into my book ‘So You Want to Start A Subscription Box?’.

Released in October 2022 and it was immediately a best seller, it helps people like you to pivot and start your own journey into creating a successful subscription box.

Just pay £3.99 P&P

You could spend £3.99 on your favourite takeaway coffee or sandwich today


You could spend £3.99 on postage and packaging for your free book which will help you to launch, scale and grow that subscription box that has been on your to-do list for so long

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